The Clay County Public Health Center has released steps for a Business Recovery Plan. We encourage businesses to become familiar with the first step in the recovery stage, which begins May 4, 2020. It is estimated that most steps will cover a four week period. recently published “6 Actions to Take in the Next 90 Days to Save Your Business” by Brian Hamilton.

  1. Vigorously do what you can. Vigorously ignore what you can’t control. You can’t control the economy, but you can control customer service.
  2. Guard employee morale. Use honesty mixed with a plan that employees can buy into for your financial condition.
  3. Preserve cash where you can. Now is a good time to minimize excess expenses, but be cautious with people-related expenses. Be loyal to employees, if possible. It is necessary to think long-term.
  4. Be first in line. If applying for a loan or government assistance “push” your bank appropriately.
  5. Get back to the basics — starting with monomaniacal customer service. Entrepreneurship is about competition, and you have to outwork the competition on customer service.
  6. Pivot your product or service to new conditions. (For our local restaurants that has been pivoting to curb-side service, carryout, and delivery to bring in revenue and keep employees on board.)

As a small business owner, we share the stress of operating with new challenges. If you want a review of your business insurance coverage or need to know if you and your employees have adequate health coverage, please don’t hesitate to call.